Modelagency based in Sweden.


Welcome to us the Cosmodels Family.


We have a big variation of faces fitting for your commercial or clothing display.

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We think everyone has something valuable to offer;


We are a group of earthy, straight and honest people. We come from all corners of the world and share the same inspiring vision.

Our way of realizing the vision is based on our common non-judgmental values and views.


These values form the basis of how we work. Our open and honest culture is based on community, enthusiasm and joy.

We work hard but have a lot of fun in the meantime. We are always looking for people who share the same positive attitude, our values and foundations for Cosmodels.


Lead by example;


We believe leadership and coaching is an important part.We recruit primarily based on the attitude, the will, then based on your skills and experience.

It's all about living as one learns, preceding a good example and being an inspiration for each other.


Daring to trust each other, to be positive and forward-looking, inspires everyone to contribute to further development.

Living with a humble attitude will help you get a more realistic view of things and people around you.


We believe in strengthening and developing people. Both by giving appreciation but also receiving.

Trusting each other and being positive is the key to success. Treat others the way you want to be treated.


We think everyone has a shared responsibility for your and Cosmodel's success.There are important things in life that are worth fighting for and the ones should always try to improve.


Take care of us people and our society;


We want to push positive change within the model concept and create opportunities for everyone. We want to see that everyone can succeed regardless of ethnicity and background.

We do not want to create models for someone's template, we want to create a template for society.

We believe and want the fashion / advertising industry to portray reality and not paint a pink world.

All words pronounced have an opinion. So be careful what you say. A word can hurt more than you think.





We are a happy family and we share the same passion and intrest in the fashion and beauty industry. 


The brain and creator behind the fantastic company Cosmodels is Amelia Rosén. She is our photographer and coach. 

We allso have Jeppe and Danial who work with the marketing, booking and scouting. 

We all share the same desire to develope Cosmodels into Sweden's very best model agency.


We want to work with a sustainable concept that is profitable for the model and us at Cosmodels. We also want that our models to work safe and healthy. 


A simple, clear and earthy way of living is a part of our mindset. Simplicity is about being ourselves and maintaining proximity to reality.  We build our lives on mutual respect, happiness and harmony.