Frequently asked questions:

Do I need experience to become a model?

Answer: No absolutely not. It's to your advantage that you haven't been to other agencies before. But it’s always  good with previous experience in front of the camera.

Do I need a portfolio to apply?

Answer: No. If you become a model at our agency you can get your own here.

Do i need specific measurements to become a model?

Answer: No, not when you want to become one of us at Cosmodels. We want you for the person that you are, there is no measurement for beauty.

What kind of photographs should I attach in my apply?

Answer: First of all attach photographs so we can see your face. Do not send photographs taken with the app Snapchat with any kind of filters.

Attach about four photographs:

1. Full body

2. Close up face.

3. Profile.

4. Your favorite photograph of yourself.

Should I wear makeup on my pictures?

Answer: No absolutely not. Except for the fourth photograph you are about to send.


Does this apply cost anything?

Answer: No the apply are always free at Cosmodels.

Now how do I apply?

Answer: Choose four of your favorite photographs of yourself. You attach them in your email.

We want a presentation of you. Who are you? Where do you live? Do you go to school or do you work? What is your interests? Why do you want to become a model and why are you applying to Cosmodels?

We also want your age, height, location where you live, email, phone number and if you have any piercings or tattoos.

When you apply make sure you type in the subject ''Become a model''

You send your apply to

If you have any more questions, send us a message to

We look forward to hearing from you, Best regards Team Cosmodels